Rathayatra and Asian Festival videos on Leading Regional Indian Language Telugu video news web site – Akhilandhra

Click on the links below to play the video on their web site :

1. Festival Of India, Rathayatra 2009, ISKCON Baltimore, MD, US

2. Festival Of India – Rathyatra 2009, Washington DC, US

3. Asian Festival – Indian Village(DC) 2009, Reston, VA, US

You will find individual video view counts on their web site, this is different from actual view count on YouTube – which gives overall view count.

These are unique videos with full information about the event and links to the participated organizations on our web site.

Please see the updated comments on our web site. Upcoming events page also added.

Thanks to all the persons who took the initiation for this. And also our sincere thanks to Akhilandra.com web site and their team for helping to spread good news about our Indian cultural activities in US.

Sharing happy moment with you – Baltimore RathaYatra Video

Hi Friends,

Few Facts about the video(s) :

1. Some of the songs are from my native language Telugu(India) and Sanskrit mixed. Sanskrit is a historical Indo-Aryan language. And also Indian National Language Hindi song included. But based on the availability of the music, I also included Tamil, Kannada,…. for other videos.(You are all welcome to send a link or file of your native language instrumental music)

2. The starting and ending songs are from Bhagavath Gita by Telugu Legend Singer – Sri Ghantasala(Late). The title song is Annamyya keertana. Annamyya is widely regarded as the Pada-kavita Pitaamaha (Grand old man of song-writing) of the Telugu language. The major themes of his songs were spirituality (Madhura Bhakthi).

3. Showing my US state big city – Baltimore(Charming City).

4. Feelings of Non-Indians while watching this event – One young girl was dancing on the bridge while watching this event. Many people were asking about the event.

5. Most of the videos are with Indian background music – So everyone listening Indian music.

Now whoever is watching this video on YouTube will know about these.

I would like to share with you about the replies from :

(A)Washington DC ISKCON Temple : Video

Email 1 : Thanks for the very nice videos. If you have more, let me please know and I will share it with the whole community. I have already posted it to the Hare Krishna DC facebook group.

Email 2: I have also posted your videos in the Forums section at www.iskcondc.org. It is a very heavily trafficked site. I sent an email this morning(Jun 4th) to the whole email group (more than 9500 members) for people to come to see the Rathyatra pictures, I added your video to the pictures area.

(B)Baltimore ISKCON Temple :

“Many thanks for the nicely done video of the Baltimore Rathayatra. I will email this out to the Baltimore temple congregation”

(C)Other video Shivopasana and Yakshagana of Divine Spark, USA(Bangalore,India) – The MD event organizer send email to more than 200 people about this video.

“Thanks to Srinivas for all his efforts in editing and uploading the video of our May 9th program!”

(D)Some of the friends sent the links to their friends or email groups(like yahoo/google/facebook/twitter) and forwarded that email to us.

Thanks for all the people who are giving moral support and encouraging to put more videos. Thanks to the God, who gave enough energy and patience to do this voluntary work – which is useful to learn other cultures and to tell about our culture.

Enjoy and share the joy with others! Share the knowledge/information.


Note : Some other event organizers also sent appreciation emails about other completed event videos. Total 76 videos on YouTube watched by more than 90,000 people. This is not included the web site users count.

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